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Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Review [Electric Version]

I’ve been using my Fully Jarvis Standing Desk for three months; I opted for the dark-bamboo, electric version of the 48″ x 30″ desk. In addition to using my own desk for the past three months, I’ve also assisted in assembling one electric desk similar to my own, and have also assembled a crank-powered version of the desk.

The desk is a pleasure to work on. The bamboo feels incredible to the touch, and seems incredibly sturdy. The desk doesn’t rock at all while you work on it, and remains stable even when raised to a standing height. It’s easy to raise the desk to the precise height you prefer, as the mechanism is very responsive. It’s a desk that absolutely won’t distract away from your work.

The electric lifting-and-lowering mechanism is smooth, quiet, and has remained reliable thus far. I haven’t had a single issue with it, nor seen any indication that it struggles to keep up. My biggest complaint with the desk is the design of the electronics underneath the desk – one of the lifting columns (legs) must be plugged-into the control unit in a downward orientation, which prevents the cables from sitting flush with the desk.

One of the cables underneath the Jarvis standing desk will be visible and cannot be easily hidden.
This cable will be visible underneath the Jarvis electric-powered standing desk

Assembly will take about an hour and all-but-requires two people, but isn’t very difficult or frustrating if taken slow and intentional. Once the desk is assembled, I imagine that most people would move it between homes as-is rather than disassembling and reassembling it.

At the time of writing, the Jarvis Standing Desk (Dark Bamboo, electric, 48″ x 30″ costs $534 + tax. Subscribing to Fully’s email newsletters allowed me to save 5% off with an instant discount code.

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